NOAA Marine Weather Forecast App Reviews

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Works very well

I had an issue with the app crashing suddenly. This was resolved when I updated the iOS, and then I updated the application.

Great app

The Buoy info is very helpful and the point forecast is awesome I contacted them this morning and he instantly added a weather buoy that wasn’t listed 👍👍

Really handy

This app is my go to place to determine ocean and weather conditions. I’ve used other weather apps but it seems I have to go to multiple places to get the whole story. All in one place here. I emailed the developer and he got back to me almost instantly with an answer. Six stars.

Fantastic Data

Complex data summarized in an easy to use interface? Any app that can do that deserves 5 stars and this one is like art meets science. Thanks NOAA

Active Offshore Fisherman

This APP has help me be more productive and plan much safer fishing trips. It is reliable data you can use to make better plans and trips.

No weather forecast first time

The first time I used this app (today). I received an error message telling me that the weather forecast cannot be accessed. Not happy!

Excellent app.

Perfect app for nearshore fishing wave Info. Excellent support from programmer if you have any questions.

Buoy errors

Doesnt work

No info on Lake Michigan north buoys

See above

Could be better easily

Downloaded this app hours ago. Already have a small craft advisory warning. So that's good. However, I wish I could input a specific location, and have it saved, so I know the seas, weather, and tides all at once. I need information very quickly for my job, and this takes more time than I would like to locate all of the information, as well as the load time seems pretty long.

No satisfaction

For some reason I cannot get a forecast. I can get wave height and that’s about it.

Would like a longer forcast

Other apps have a longer forecast

Lack of features

App says i can see swell charts but doesn’t show up in my app

NOAA Marine Weather

Not worth the 1.99 I paid for it. Have already deleted it.

Very simple to use! Excellent support as well

Great site!


This app is spot on!!!!

Great app!

This app gives useful, real time data in a very user friendly format. Highly recommend it.

Minimal Data

I paid $2 for this and it has a very small fraction of the stations available from NOAA in Florida. In fact, none of the ones I am interested in.

Need help, can’t get it to work

I need a tutorial, can’t get any useful info on wave heights, current etc

Great for boaters

I love this app as a boater, especially since it shows the contribution by swell direction. I had a question and the author did a great job explaining how to interpret a chart.

Awesome app!!

This is a great app if you are a boater or just very into weather and buoy data. The information is very thorough and accurate! And the best part is the communication with the developer. I had a problem with the app and he got back to me in minutes to work through the problem. You’ll never get service like that from a giant company! He was an absolute pleasure. Get this app! You won’t regret it


Just installed and found that the app crashes while trying to look up buoy info, then the app won’t open at all. Had to reinstall. Opened ok, but again clicked on a buoy marker, and crashed again. Again had to reinstall, I guess I won’t be looking at buoy info. I have iOS 11.0.

It keeps getting better and better!

Another awesome update! Controls are more intuitive and data is beautifully presented. A Must have marine weather app!

You wanted a review…

I love the app. I use it all the time! 😀

Don't waste your money.

Really...don't waste your money!


Good info

Best App Ever

Very useful information.

CA boater

Very useful for offshore boating in Southern California. Have only been using it for a week and about 80 nm but so far it appears accurate. Happy so far!

Seems very inaccurate!

Tapped on buoy 23 miles off montauk point and it refers to it as"montauk"- not the name of a buoy 23 miles offshore. Then tapped on buoy off the coast of new jersey and it calls it "long island"- again way off! Dont recall what it cost- but not worth it- downloaded a free app and its MUCH BETTER!

Sick app dudes

Dude, dope app now I can shred the narr like a trew pro. Thanx bro I very apreashiate this bro, also it's really correct and always right the waves is so good when it says so and bad when it says so thanks guys who made dis!




I have been looking for an app that can just tell me the swell height down here in the keys, but there seems to be nothing. I am very reluctant to buy apps, but I thought this might finally be what I'm looking for. I was wrong. I don't know if it's the apps fault or not, but there is nothing useful around the keys at all. The app's fault, or not, this was a waste of my two dollars

I depend on it

It's simple, intuitive and reliable. It's just what I need for quick data to fish off the Oregon Coast which can be very dangerous. I really trust this app.

Very useful!

Have relied on the forecast many times. Seems to be pretty accurate when we have gone offshore.

Wave wind and weather

Fast simple and accurate

Great App!!!

Easy to use app which provides access to lots of real time marine info--wave height/speed and weather conditions. Also friendly FAST support!

Keeps crashing

Just downloaded. Keeps crashing. Can't use it at all.

Landscape on the way !

I have an iPad 12. ...according to the app developer they will be modifying soon to allow for landscape you as well. As a result I have updated my review to four stars.

My primary wave app

While the buoy info is comprehensive it doesn't allow for saving favorites or most used buoys.

Love it

This app developer is crushing it. I have found this app to be super useful multiple times. Thanks!!

Great app for Buoy Data

So far impressed with the app. Does exactly as advertised. The developer was extremely quick to respond to a feature request regarding adding millibars to the pressure readings. They seem to update the app regularly which is a huge plus. Definitely recommend this app!

Capn Kenn

Great app. I especially like the extended forecast portion. I get a little lost on some of the graphs that then that's just me.

Useful & Well Dressed Data

UPDATE : This app is still solid. Plenty of info packed into a clean looking, simple to use app. I don't review apps all that often because I don't use them enough nor do I interact w the creators. Not the case here. With this app I have gotten responses to emails and seen the app change at the asking of its users. I know I can get a ton of info here and the support and growth of the app make it worth purchasing.

Poor interface, poor for Great Lakes boaters

Very few Lake Michigan buoys show up in the app. You can't search for a specific location; you have to scroll around a satellite image map that is extremely slow-loading, even with a hi-speed wireless connection. I work at a marina in southwest Michigan and was searching for an app that would give me fast access to lake condition data necessary for boaters to evaluate whether and when to depart. This is absolutely not the app for that.

Good but not complete

Great tide chart and wave details. How about a marine forecast or at least what direction the wind is coming out of!?

Awesome App

I use this for pre-dive weather assessments. Very helpful.


The app is awesome and the developers are on point Use this app on a daily Thanks guys

Very good app

Very useful! Very helpful developers! They are quick with any questions you may have and follow up to make sure you got it!

Essential for knowing tides

More technical information than just tides. This tells you what is happening, and the trends. Great for surfers, paddlers, swimmers, and boaters. Will help me figure out best times to fish too!

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